Female DJs Miss Smile and No Sugar write and produce music in their own professional high-end studios. They also produce music for other artists and companies who desire to have their own music.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to buy a music production or remix.

They can produce music in different genres; deep house, vocal house, tech house, progressive house, big room, EDM, Pop music, instrumental beats and more.










Listen to the latest track of Female DJs Miss Smile and No Sugar;

Titel: Higher

Label: Smile Creations Music Label

Release date: 26-6-2017

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Female DJs Miss Smile (Blonde hair) and No Sugar (Brown curly hair) started their collaboration in music in 2005. Female DJ Miss Smile is also the founder of the most famous music school of Holland called “DJ School Nederland“.

Female DJs have their own professional studios for producing music.

Check out their succes festival EDM/Big Room track called “Turn it up” this was also charted at the famous music portal! Female DJs Miss Smile and No Sugar produce their own music in multiple genres like House and Electro. Turn it up charted number #19 position at the Electro House top 100 of Beatport! Female […]


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